Ventura County Pregnancy Center will be having its Annual Fundraising Banquet at the beautiful Ventura Beach Marriott on April 26, 2018.  Would you please prayerfully consider supporting this important event by Underwriting and/or being a Table Host.

You will be helping to meet the financial needs in order to focus continuing and expanding this ministry.

Why would you want to underwrite the banquet?

1. More funds are raised.  One-time gifts and pledges are much greater when people attend as guests as opposed to paying.

2. A greater number of people attend.  When more people attend, it is inevitable that the increased awareness of this ministry produces new donors, broader church involvement, volunteers and clients.

3. It is an investment in Eternal results.  When underwriting, it helps this ministry to share truth, love and practical help to new people.

Underwriting does not obligate you to attend or to host a table.  It is a way for you to impact this ministry in a unique way by allowing others to come and get involved.

To Underwrite ::
please click the Donate button

or Cheque/Money Order: Ventura CPC
1732 Palma Drive #103
Ventura CA 93003

(with underwrite the banquet on the subject line)

Table Host

What are the requirements of the Table Host?” It is simple. An individual or a couple volunteering as a Table Host would:

1. Invite 8-9 selected guests to fill a table of 10 (including you).
2. Provide a list of guests 3 weeks prior to the banquet.
3. Stop by the center for your Table Host packet and instructions.

There is no financial commitment on the part of the Table Host. The role is to invite selected guests such as friends, business associates and community leaders so they can learn first-hand about the ministry. “This is our primary fundraiser in order to build our budget, not just to fill a table and provide a free meal.

To Host a Table ::
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